Pratas Da Wang Temple
  The Da Wang Temple is dedicated to "Kuan Gong" and "The South China Sea Goddess"- Ma Tsu. It is said that the statue of Kuan Gong came to Pratas Island on a canoe in 1948. The soldiers on Pratas Island built a temple to worship him in 1975. Today, the canoe is still kept in the temple. The joss sticks and candles are donated by the soldiers who had returned home, as was the golden sign hung in front of the statue. The temple is an important symbol for them, providing them with spiritual sustenance. There is an "Ever Green" pavilion in front of the temple, which was also built by the soldiers. It is the most verdant place on the island.


Pratas Island Stone Tablet
  In 1954 the troops stationed on Pratas erected a stone tablet on the southern side of the island, facing the ocean.