Pratas Island in Ancient Chinese Navigational Map

  Pratas Island is the only island in the Pratas Islands, the biggest island in the South China Sea, and the first to be developed. Because it is shaped like the moon, it is also known as "Moon Island." Pratas Island became part of China's territory around the time of the Chin and Han dynasties, and the Chinese started to develop the island from the Ming dynasty on. A Japanese businessman named Nishizawa Yoshizi occupied Pratas Island in the late Ch'ing dynasty, and named it Nishizawa Island. After that, Pratas Island was ruled by the Ch'ing dynasty and by Japan.
  After Japan's defeat in World War II, the ROC government warships to take over control of the island on September 12, 1946, and erected a stone tablet as a symbol of national sovereignty. The island now falls within the jurisdiction of Kaohsiung City, and ROC troops are stationed on the island. After 50 years of construction, Pratas Island has become a fortified castle defending the southern frontier of the ROC.