Sea Lemon

  The forest on Itu Aba Island is typical tropical coastal forest. The main distinguishing feature is the large leaves of the trees, the seeds of which spread by floating on the seawater. Generally speaking, the big trees spread their seeds in this way, while the grass and deficient plants (such as papaya and coast oak) on the island probably come from Taiwan. Some of the original forest still survives, and the forest can be divided into three layers: high, middle, and low. The area of coastal forest is larger than that in any other part of Taiwan ROC territory. Commonly seen plants include terminalia trees, lotus leaf tung tree, Goodeniaceae, sea lemon, long stem chrysanthemum, long-saddle rattan, gray grass, etc., all on the east side of the island. Man-made development has been mainly on the western side, so there is less variety of trees there.