Itu Aba Island stone tablet

  Itu Aba Island is the biggest island in the Spratlys. It is used by Taiwan, ROC fishermen as a rest stop, occupies an important location within the South China Sea, and has an ROC Navy garrison. Let us explore the island's distinguishing features.
Origin of the Name
  You may be wondering why the island is called Peace Island. The island derives its name from the battle ship "Peace (Tai Ping)" sent to recovery the island after Japan's surrender at the end of the Second World War. An interesting fact about Peace Island is that fishermen used to call the island "Huang-Shang Ma Zhi." The Hainan Island pronunciation for this name is "Widuabe." On other western navigation maps, the island is named "Itu Aba Island," which derives from Malay "Itu aba (What's That?)."